Bards and Heroes, the Differing Approaches of Beowulf and Skyrim in Storytelling

Often, when discussing the mediums of delivery for a story, scholars will ignore the interactive medium, generally referred to as video games. However, as technology has become more advanced, and the medium has become larger and more lucrative video game studios have sought to tell meaningful stories with the games they create. It is important to recognize the value of video games as a storytelling medium, equal to that of literature, film and music. Many stories are similar because of the culture they are based on, and the story they tell. This is the case in both Beowulf and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, commonly called Skyrim for short. Both stories draw heavily from Anglo-Saxon and Norse culture and mythology, yet differ in the storytelling tools they use and the motif of fate within the story. These similarities and differences serve as a case study in the strengths of each medium, and demonstrate the values of both.