Sean Maraia

About Me

My name is Sean Maraia. I am a junior at Rochester Institute of Technology, where I study Game Design and Development the College of Computing and Information Sciences. I am currently looking for cooperative education opportunities within the computing industry for the Spring and/or Summer of 2016. Below are some of my more recent projects, which I hope you will enjoy. If you are interested in reaching me, you can click the "Contact Me" link above, or send me an email at spm3713 AT

My main interests are in the different ways that a narrative in a game can be presented through the mechanics of the game. Rather than solely relying upon text, dialogue, music or editing, or the many other methods of delivering story, video games and new media are interactive, and can use the way that the audience interacts with the medium to deliver the narrative. These mechanics, and the way they can mesh to tell a story is the most interesting part of Game Design to me.

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