About Me

My name is Sean Maraia. I am a game developer currently working as an Associate Game Designer contracted to EA Sports Tiburon from ProUnlimited. Currently I am working on the Madden NFL Franchise, across both the Mobile and PC/Console platforms. Formerly, I worked as a Senior Associate at United Technologies Climate Controls and Security, where I managed the development of a suite of HVAC mobile apps encompassing service, sales and use of UTC's climate control product lines. I gratuated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where I studied Game Design and Development from 2013 to 2016.

My main design interests are in the different ways that the mechanics of a game can present a narrative. Rather than solely relying upon text, dialogue, music or editing, or the many other methods of delivering a story, video games and new media are interactive, and can use the way that the audience interacts with the medium to deliver the narrative. These mechanics, and the way they can mesh to tell a story are the most interesting parts of Game Design to me. I also enjoy working on the technical side of games and software, particularly UI Engineering. Beyond that, I constantly work to expand my knowledge, both in depth and breadth, through a variety of projects and studies, such as creating this site myself in Swift to explore the Vapor server framework and to understand more deeply how modern servers and APIs are created and maintained.


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Recently launched in the App Store, Gerrymandering was originally a class project for my Casual Game Development course. It became a side project after I graduated in 2016. I created the UI for the game as well as all logic for game state and puzzle creation during the course, later working on all aspects of the game working to solve a cycle detection issue that hampered performance and prevented us from creating puzzles of the desired complexity.

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Draper Laboratory AR/VR Co-Op

A Project I worked on during the Summer of 2015 at the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory. I created two simulations in UE4 and Unity in order to demonstrate UI elements that would enhance the situational awareness of first responders without overloading them with extraneous information.

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Carrier Mobile App Suite

At Carrier, I was responsible for the development and support of sales and service apps for HVAC equipment, and assisted in app rationalization and modernization efforts, migrating the app inventory from Kony to React Native.

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Portal 2 Test Chamber

Made for my Level Design Seminar, this level was created in four weeks to demonstrate mastery in Level Design, and received critique from several other students, allowing me to improve the level over the course of three iterations.

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Created for Game Design and Development II, Pentagram is a card game that encourages players to make ad-hoc alliances, and betray their allies in order to fulfill their macabre goals.

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A Dance of Flowers

A relaxing game made with a group of students in Unity to demonstrate our proficiency in design and the development process. I was responsible for the controls, and tuned the gameplay of the game.

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Lively is an app designed to help its users create photo albums based on their travels, and share the stories that accompany each picture with friends and families. Built over four days by me and another student, Lively is both an iOS and an Apple TV app, sharing users data between the two over iCloud with CloudKit

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Created for Game Design and Development II, Kapow is a Two-Player tactical strategy game where players will control a team of superheroes and villains and pit them against each other. I built the UI for this game, working in Unity.